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Backflip Maniac Game

22.04.2020 15:10:00 / 1 сообщение / автор темы goocare .

[ 22.04.2020 15:10:00 (UTC +3) ]  
Backflip Maniac about:
Backflip Maniac is a cool physics based jumping game you can play online and for free on 8 ball pool. Control a dummy standing on some sort of platform, like a truck or rooftop, and jump backwards to start flipping and land on your feet, right in the middle of the smallest square of the landing platform. Clear every level to unlock a more challenging one and don’t stop until you have passed them all. You can also jump forwards and backflip if you feel like you have the skills, but it may be a little harder. Have fun playing this free online game Backflip Maniac!

Controls: Mouse
07.08.2020 6:22:39
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