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Ice Cream Inc- A new game

20.04.2020 5:51:38 / 1 сообщение / автор темы bamboe .

[ 20.04.2020 5:51:38 (UTC +3) ]  
Ice Cream Inc. is a fun ice cream making simulator to create the perfect combinations of flavors online and for free. On every level you will have to combine some flavors and make your ice cream look just like the one in the picture. You may have to read some really brief but helpful instructions to finish some of them.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Even watching it fall down on the cone feels lovely, and it feels great to do it yourself. Every ice cream must look exactly like the one shown to you to get the highest score possible. Have fun with this free online game Ice Cream Inc. on happy wheels

Controls: Arrows = Mouse / 123 = flavors
07.08.2020 12:10:42
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